World Malaria Day 2015


It’s World Malaria Day today. A day marked down by the world to take a look at the successes achieved so far in the fight to rollback Malaria.

Responsible for over 300,000 deaths yearly in Nigeria where 25% accounts for infant mortality (children under age 1), 30% for childhood mortality (children under age 5) and 11% for maternal mortality; Malaria is highly endemic affecting particularly young children and pregnant mothers. With majority of the deaths in children ubder-5 and a high percentage of miscarriages, stillbirths, low birth weight, anaemia in pregnancy and maternal mortality caused by malaria, it makes one wonder what successes we have achieved in the fight against Malaria. Looking from the outside, one would think that Malaria was winning the fight and not the other way around with about 50% of the population having at least one of episode of malaria in a year. Continue reading